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Convincing Your Wife that You Need that Garage Storage

May 04, 2016

California garage storage system

We know the pain of not being able to find your golf clubs in the garage, or feeling like you will never have the space to park your car. There are countless garage storage solutions that could take away this frustration. The problem is that you have to justify the expense to your wife. It may be difficult to sway her from the belief that you can just park your car in the driveway. However, a little smart thinking and forward planning could demonstrate how much her life would be improved by a garage renovation. These garage storage arguments make it easy.

Argument One: She Can Never Find Anything in the Garage

Not being able to find something in the garage from time to time may not be the worst problem in the world. However, struggling to find anything in the garage has collateral damage that pervades most aspects of your wife’s life.

One of the kids cannot find a backpack, so she goes to the garage to sort through the disaster that everybody leaves next to the door when they come in from the car. That is where she discovers the big homework project there that was dropped last week and is due tomorrow. People really do not deserve to live this way. If your garage had good storage, the kids would have their own cubbies for their items and nothing would get lost in a huge pile.

Argument Two: Garage Disorganization Leaves Her Stressed

This constant feeling that she is running a day behind has potential effects for her health, and the health of everyone in the family. Even when you are not trying to sort through it, clutter and disorganization make people feel awful. This constant overstimulation can lead to anxiety, increased allergy and asthma symptoms, even weight gain.

Some experts suggest that a lot of people receiving treatment for anxiety could remove the need simply by getting organized. Your wife may be surprised to learn how much better everyone will feel if they can pull the car into the garage and not worry about topping towers of stacked boxes or slipping on piles of mess.

The Soft Sell: Garage Storage Might Help

When you are trying to convince someone to do something that could be a complicated endeavor, the trick is to start slow. Many people, especially those who are busy and already feel overwhelmed, get overstimulated at the thought of a huge project that will take hours or days. Avoid making it seem like a big thing, or she may shut down and refuse to discuss any of it. Instead, you can break up your garage storage plans into smaller chunks that are more reasonable.

Start with a plan to do some de-cluttering. Pay the older kids some money to help you out. Once you have removed some of the garbage and taken things that belong in the house inside, you can begin to show her your work. You may receive some kudos for tackling this project on your own, and that is good. Suggest a few basic solutions for the garage that will keep things she needs tightly organized. Slatwall is a good example. You could mention putting in some wire baskets for her gardening supplies. This gives you the opportunity to get her thinking about what else you could do in the garage.


Looking for additional inspiration? This garage storage idea book may help


Argument Three: She Takes Pride in Your Home, and the Garage Deserves the Same Love

The big thing you are up against here is the assumption that the garage is really not a part of the house. Even people who keep their houses neat as a pin could have garages that are in complete chaos. If you access your home from the garage, or if you dare to leave the garage door open on the weekends, all the pride she has from the hard work she puts into the house is destroyed on a regular basis.

The fact is that Americans as a whole tend to use their garages as the catchall, the last place to get organized. This is just the last step to get her entire home into the order she wants it to be. More to the point, there really is no reason to keep the garage disorganized when the rest of the house looks great. Not having a place to put all the stuff that is currently sitting in the garage is an argument in favor of decluttering and organization, not to keep the status quo.

The Hard Sell: We Need Garage Organization

At this point, you have already shown her what a little decluttering and organization could do. You can put it all together to show her how much garage storage could really change her life. Walk her through the day to show her how much easier it is.

She wakes up in the morning and gets the kids ready for school. They grab their backpacks on their way to the car, which are each neatly kept on hooks or in cabinets designated for each child. She never has to run to the car in the rain, because the car is parked in the garage. She can go to work or complete other tasks and return home, with a sigh of relief that the big pile of clutter next to the interior garage door is not there anymore. She heads out to the garden with her shears and gloves right where she left them. When the kids come home, they can access their bikes and sports gear from hooks and cabinets and put them away by themselves. Garage storage has removed so much hassle from the day.

Take a moment to show her how easy the process is. She could get great garage storage and organization without having to do much work at all. For more information, contact us for a free garage storage estimate.


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