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4 Benefits of Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

March 29, 2016

Polyurea Garage Floor Coating in California Garage

If you care about the appearance of your garage, a garage floor coating is definitely something you should consider installing. However, not all coatings are created equal in terms of beauty, durability and longevity. Polyurea garage floor coating, which is a type of epoxy, could be perfect for your garage. Here are 4 benefits of polyurea garage floor coating.

Polyurea Coating is Temperature Resistant

Unlike other forms of epoxy flooring, polyurea can be applied when the temperature is as low as -30 degrees! While such low temperature extremes are never seen in Los Angeles, the weather certainly gets hot here. That’s not a problem either, since polyurea can also be applied in conditions as hot as 140 degrees.

The moral of the story is that the temperature resistance of polyurea coating means you can apply it at any time of year without detrimental effects. This temperature resistant quality lasts once the floor cures as well, allowing it to withstand the heat of your car’s hot tires in the summer.

Polyurea Coating is Quick to Apply

Polyurea requires a two-coat application. The primer and color coat go on first, following by a clear coat to seal the deal. Minimal drying time between the coats and after the installation means you can walk on the tough, durable floor coating after three hours and park your car in the garage after 24 hours.

Polyurea Coating is Moisture Resistant

With its exceptional adhesion properties, polyurea coating seals permanently to the concrete surface beneath it. Moisture can’t even penetrate where the polyurea coating meets the wall. This makes your garage floor very moisture and stain resistant. If anything spills on the floor – from oil to antifreeze to a glass of lemonade – simply wipe up the spill and restore the beauty of your garage floor.

Polyurea Coating is Scratch Resistant

With other types of garage floor coatings, scratches and dents are a major problem. Motorcycle kickstands and accidentally dropped tools can mar the surfaces of lesser floor coatings, but not polyurea. The scratch resistant qualities of polyurea make it an excellent floor coating material for high traffic areas in commercial and industrial applications. In your residential garage, it simply means you’ll never have to worry about resurfacing your floor again.

With these benefits of polyurea garage floor coating in mind, it’s clear that this material beats every other type of coating out there. When you’re ready to improve the look of your garage for years to come, contact us for a free California garage floor coating quote.


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