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7 Reasons to Install a Walk-In Closet Today

April 25, 2016

California Walk-In Closet

You may have considered a walk-in closet, but probably questioned whether all the possibilities could live up to your expectations. In truth, walk-in closets can become the perfect addition to your home. They create organization, improve your convenience and just give you that extra space you need. Consider these reasons to install a walk-in closet in your California home:

1. Walk-In Closets Create a Dressing Room

You wake up a little late and stressed. You go to walk into the bathroom to get dressed, and it is already occupied. You close your door and go to get dressed in your bedroom. That’s when the knocking starts. The kids can’t find their socks or their homework. Can’t you just have a place where you can put your clothes on? The answer is a walk-in closet. There are many reasons why you might need an extra dressing room besides your bedroom. The closet adds that extra privacy, which makes it easier to get dressed without having to wait for everyone else to leave. For early risers, it also avoids waking up another person who may be sleeping in your room. The best part is that you can put your pajamas right into the hamper as you change, instead of having to get them out of the bathroom.

2. A Bigger Closet is Easier to Keep Organized

These days, people need a lot of clothing for a variety of purposes. You have your business casual, formal clothing for big events and comfortable gear you wear around the house on the weekends. The trouble is that a smaller closet may not be able to keep all these clothes in order. That’s why your current closet is perennially overstuffed. With a walk-in closet, you have a place to put everything. You can hang up your clothes or put them in custom drawers. Your closet keeps small items like jewelry and scarves safe and neat. If you have more than a couple pairs of shoes (like most people), you can create a place in your walk-in closet that protects your shoes, keeps them up off the floor and easy to grab. Baskets and hooks give you the perfect spot for your purses, messenger bags and coats. You even have room on higher shelves to store your out-of-season clothing or extra linens.

3. Walk-In Closets Provide Extra Security

You want to have a place in your home that allows you to protect your greatest valuables. Your walk-in closet is that space. Imagine creating room in your custom closet to store a safe behind a drawer system or at the back of a cabinet. No one will know where it is except you. A large, neatly organized walk-in closet is a burglar’s nightmare. They have to spend precious time searching for prized items that you keep organized and out of sight.

4. Walk-In Closets Offer Space for an Ironing Station

With a lot of extra space in your closet, you might start considering what kinds of non-clothing items and equipment you might keep there. If you do not have an ironing station in your laundry room, your closet may work just as well. You take your clothes from the dryer to your closet. As you put them away, you can pull out or fold down an ironing board, with iron and various solutions on a shelf or in a cupboard above or below. When you are done, you simply hang up your clothes and put the ironing board away. You never have to drag out the ironing board into the living spaces of your home, and you make it more convenient to get the ironing done promptly.

5. Walk-In Closets Make Easier Outfit Choices

When you go look at your existing closet, does it take you a long time to find the right articles of clothing? Putting together outfits is super simple when everything is easy to see and right where it is supposed to be. You can select your clothes the night before and put them on a valet rod so they are ready to go in the morning. It saves you time and stress in the morning because you are not hunting for a shirt you thought you could find. You also spot problems with clothing, such as stains or holes, the night before when you can still do something about them.

6. Walk-In Closets Create the Perfect Sanctuary

Modern walk-in closets are so much more than just a place to put your clothes and get dressed. If you want, it can become the individual space you always wanted. Adults don’t always have a space that is uniquely theirs in a home, especially if they have kids running around. The walk-in closet becomes a private place for quiet reflection or meditation. Add a chair, and you can even curl up to read a book.

7. Walk-In Closets Dramatically Increase Your Home Value

Every home improvement you make should bring an increase in your potential resale value. These days, homebuyers expect to have a walk-in closet in every home.

They may not consider buying your home without it. People prize organization options and extra storage as one of the most important things they look for in a new home. As a result, installing a walk-in closet might add thousands to the sale price, plus guaranteeing more interest. In neighborhoods where walk-in closets are less common, you could even start a bidding war.

It can be difficult to really appreciate what a walk-in closet can do for you until you start to imagine how it would look in your home. For more information, contact us for a free walk-in closet installation quote.


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